3 Days Bale Mountains trekking

3 Days Bale Mountains trekking


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2 Nights/ 3  Days Bale Mountains Scenic Driving Tour

Day 1: Arrival to Bale Mountains

On arrival to Goba airport with flight ET175 meet our team and you’ll then drive to Dinsho – the gateway to the Bale Mountains. Here, you’ll set up camp and take a hike to explore the surrounding area and its wildlife. Sightings of Warthog, Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck, and Bohor Reedbuck are all common within this area, as well as many Ethiopian and Abyssinian endemic birds.

Overnight Camping.

Day 2: Sanetti Plateau and the Harenna Forest

Morning after breakfast, you’ll strike camp and head to the Sanetti plateau. As the sun rises, the most endangered canid in the world – the Ethiopian wolf – begins to hunt. The Sanetti plateau is the best place in Ethiopia to see this elegant animal, and the winding road atop the plateau, one of the highest all-weather roads in Africa, is an ideal spot for viewings. The plateau is also home to many rodents, the largest being the giant molerat, found only in the Bale Mountains. If rodents aren’t your thing, then there are plenty of rare lichens to marvel at too! Again, you are likely to see a variety of birds of prey soaring in the skies above: golden, tawny and Verreaux’s eagles as well as the bearded vulture (lammergeyer), lanner falcon, and augur buzzard. As you continue your journey, you will stop at Tulu Dimtu or “the Red Mountain”. At 4,377m, this is the highest mountain in the park. As you reach the end of the plateau and the Harenna escarpment, there are stunning views as the road winds its way down more than 2,000m and into the vast Harenna tropical forest. At the base of the escarpment is the small village of Rira, where you can either stop and relax with some local refreshments, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, stretch your legs on a short walk (around 2hrs round trip) through the forest to a bamboo-filled canyon and two waterfalls, stacked almost on top of each other. A large pool at the base of the second waterfall is a great spot for photos and offers a chance to soak your feet in the cool, clean water. Keep your eyes peeled for the black-and-white colobus monkey and the elusive Bale monkey as well as Menelik’s bushbuck. Birds in the area include the grey cuckoo shrike, Abyssinian catbird, Ruppell’s robin-chat, Abyssinian ground thrush, white-cheeked turaco and many more. Returning to Rira.

Overnight Camping.

Day 3: Harenna Forest – Transfer to Airport

In the morning, you’ll take a short drive south from Rira to the southern of the National Park. another local highlight – the Gushuralle Peak Forest Trail. This route, which takes around 2-3 hours, takes you through dense bamboo forest to the summit of Gushuralle, where you will be rewarded with stunning views across the Harenna Forest. As ever, keep your eyes peeled for wildlife such as Bale monkeys, Menelik’s bushbuck, warthog, colobus monkeys, giant forest hogs or (very rarely) leopards or lions. you’ll return back to Goba town then you’ll be transferred to airport for your flight back to Addis.

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