The Bale Mountains are an ideal place for wilderness fishing, Nine Rivers and streams between Adaba and Goba were stocked with trout in the early 1970′ s. These have thrived and are now available for sport fishing. Trout can be fished on a short stretch of the Web River near Dinsho, Shaya and Tegona rivers near Goba town. Each of the rivers offers fast flowing water with abundant rock pools where fish can be stalked in the company of an experienced river guide. For guests who are new to fly-fishing, our guides provide expert instruction and assistance. Rods, tackle and flies are provided although enthusiasts may bring their own. Fishing conditions are varied – cascading waterfalls, deep still pools, or the tiny narrow and clear Danka stream. Good exercise, beautiful scenery, peaceful surroundings, is all combined in the one activity.
Fishing in Weyb river
Gash Taha, over 36 years well experienced fishing guide holding a trout in Weyb river near Dinsho town.
Fishing in Tegona river
Our guide Armaye, while he is fishing in Tegona river near Goba town.
Fishing in Denka river
Our client Woody and Taha holding a trout near Denka river